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  • El Dorado Beach, Lake Tahoe
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  • El Dorado Beach, Lake Tahoe
  • El Dorado Beach, Lake Tahoe
  • El Dorado Beach, Lake Tahoe

Northeast Masonry: Building On a Tradition of Quality

For centuries, if you wanted to make a statement that would last, you did it with masonry. That still holds true today.

At Northeast Masonry, we have inherited a great tradition that goes back thousands of years. We are committed to upholding the finest standards of that tradition by building commercial, industrial, and residential projects that truly shine.

With every project, we stress quality, durability, and craftsmanship.

We take the best methods that have been handed down to us, and we build on them. The greatest craftsmen of the Renaissance would be proud.

Whether a project needs brick, stone, marble, or granite, we're the experts. In fact, we are experts in working with a great many other materials as well.

What's more, we are excited about all forms of masonry, about working hard to build something beautiful, and about satisfying our customers. Our passion for our work is noticeable.

No matter how specialized a project, we bring that same passion and commitment to quality. That is why our business has grown so much over the years, and why we are recognized as a leader in the industry. Time and time again, our customers point to our ability to get the job done right.

Take some time to look through the pictures on our website. You will see our attention to detail, innovation, and commitment to build projects that will stand for future generations. You won't see how affordable our projects are, or how cost-effective our methods are, but you'll find out if you look a little further.

We welcome your questions, as well as learning what kind of project you have in mind. Call us at 775-246-0105 or fill out our contact form to allow us to get in contact with you.